Yes, Daddy

In case you haven’t heard yet, Salacious is a new queer, feminist, anti-racist sex magazine that’s quickly winning a place in our communities’ hearts… and other, slightly more salacious bits.

The following is an excerpt from my contribution to Salacious’ premiere issue. They completely sold out of that first issue, so get your hands on the second edition before those go as well.

Check them out at

Illustration by kd diamond

   Warning: The following is quite explicit and involves Daddy/girl play.

Illustration by Mancer

“Are you going to be a good grrl for Daddi?” A command disguised as a question.

“Yes, of course, Daddi.”

“Now then, I know you heard me. From this point forward you won’t utter a single fucking word unless Daddi asks you a direct question. Do you understand?”

As I spread my legs, I begin to nod and am stopped short by you jerking on my panties so fast that my cheeks are exposed before I even know what’s happening, followed by your hand coming down so hard on my ass, you can see pink welts rising up immediately on parts of my exposed flesh. “Use your words, little grrl.”

The pain shoots through me, causing my eyes to well up, and I stop the rubbing only momentarily before I remember and start back up again, quickly saying, “Yes, Daddi.” My voice audibly quivering. Having inadvertently disobeyed one of your simple demands leaves me more pained than the blow from your open palm.

Softening a bit at the thought of your baby grrl crying in front of an imminent audience, you decide you’ll teach me an easier lesson. “That’s better, little one.” Caressing my ass a bit, you gently pull up my panties, covering the stingy, welted parts with the cool, silky material before sliding your hand down and pushing the crotch of my panties to one side. There’s visible wetness pooling between my lips, what with the rubbing, firm language, and stinging smack…This pleases you greatly.

I inhale sharply at the slightest touch of your fingertips there, confused by my mixed feelings of liking and fearing it. “It’s okay, darlin’. I’m not going to hurt you. Just so long as you come for Daddi–just like I taught you the other night–before our guests arrive. You’re going to learn to not start a job you can’t finish. Especially when it’s a job for Daddi. Just because I taught you how to touch yourself, it doesn’t mean this is something you’re allowed to do on your own. You are to only do that for Daddi and with Daddi. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” I can feel myself growing wetter and wetter with each word and the impending threat of potential embarrassment and punishment. I’m so scared that I won’t be able to finish before the guests arrive. So I rub harder, much harder, and faster.

“That’s right, baby grrl, you’d better get to work. Those guests are sure to show up any minute now.”

You move your fingers slowly, teasing the fuck out of my tight, little cunt, just barely skirting the edges of my opening. “And if they get here before you come for Daddi, do you know what’s going to happen?”

“No, Daddi.” The back of my neck glistening with the effort I’m putting forth and the fear of just how painful and embarrassing my punishment could be.

“I’m going to have to shove my big, hard cock inside of you and fuck you until you’re screaming out in pain, our guests watching and waiting. After that, I’ll leave you to them, allowing them to do with you as they please.”

“NO, Daddi!” I cry out before I can catch myself. Your free hand lands severely on my ass, harder this time, my body uncontrollably releasing a violent jerk as I swallow the pain.

“You will take your punishment like a good grrl. Or you will be punished even more harshly. It’s all up to you… Now Daddi wants to see you push your hips into the bed, just like I showed you. And then lift your ass in the air. Do it several times for Daddi.”

I follow your instructions to the tee, not daring to disobey again, achingly embarrassed that I messed up twice already. Watching my body moving against the mattress like that gets you all the more riled up and so you begin to flick your fingers faster and faster through my wetness, keeping me spread wide open. Which, in turn, makes it incredibly difficult for me not to squirm around uncontrollably. “Lie still. I don’t want to see any movement on your part except for that which you’ve been instructed to do.”

I quiet my body, wanting to be the best grrl possible for my Daddi and follow all his instructions explicitly. Maybe this way it won’t be quite so bad in front of the guests and he’ll be proud of me instead of so angry. But the motion of your fingertips has left me wanting…of what I’m not sure. I start to make little noises and you coo encouragement, your breath warm and moist on my ear, my neck.

I can’t stop my body from instinctively pushing back to meet your fingers, wanting more.

“What is it, darlin’?”

“Please, Daddi…pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease…Daddi…please…”

“Shhh, sweetheart. Not yet. You’re not ready for that just yet…” Your cock throbbing and painfully stiff, wanting so badly to give me what I’m unknowingly asking for. Hearing me plead like that is such torture. Part of you is just wishing that I won’t be able to come in time and then you’ll be forced to teach me that lesson. After all, a good Daddi never goes back on his word.

I whimper a little bit and so you decide you’d better give my pussy a little spanking. Your fingers smacking up against my wetness again and again is such a pleasurable sensation–audibly, visually, tactually–that you can’t help but do it a little faster and harder, making me drip even more. I continue to make little noises and by now you’ve had enough of that kind of taunting–the kind that gets your dick rock hard with desire, completely unbeknownst to your innocent, little grrl.

“Shut the fuck up. I don’t want to hear another noise out of you, not a single fucking peep. And that includes when you come–I don’t want to hear it. No words, no sounds, nothing. You got that?” Not interested in a response, you continue your threats, “And you’d better fucking hurry up. You don’t want to make Daddi hurt you with his cock. You don’t want all our guests to watch while you cry out and scream. You don’t want them to shove their fingers and cocks into all your holes and make you scream even louder, now do you?” Not getting a quick enough response, you get a little rough with me, grabbing a handful of my pussy and tugging hard. “Answer me, damn it! Do you want them to help your Daddi split you wide open and make you bleed?”

“NO! NO! NO, Daddi! Please, please no, please don’t! PLEASE! Pleasepleaseplease! I’ll be such a good grrl, please!!”

“Then you better fucking come for Daddi.” You ease up on my lips and spread them again, continuing to tease my opening, just barely pressing inside a bit, fucking me faster and faster with just the pads of your fingertips–priming me for a later date. “That’s right,” you say, calming down a bit. “You don’t want those guests to see you like this and be forced to help Daddi.”

Clearly breaking into a sweat now, I grind my hips into the mattress harder and the sight of my sweet, little ass pumping up and down practically makes you come in your pants. Sensing the building tension about to break, you press your entire fist up against my cunt. A warning.

Hardly able to speak, I barely manage to get out, “Daddi…may I…please…come for you?”

Proud that I’ve remembered to ask, you grant immediate permission. “Yes, baby grrl, come for Daddi. I wanna feel it.”

With that very first word, I’ve begun to tremble and you can feel it shake violently through my entire body. “That’s right, sweetheart. That’s good. Such a good grrl. Come for Daddi.”

The combination of your words, anger, encouragement, teasing, manhandling, and threats have done a number on me and with the last spasm riding through me, I finally fully collapse into the bed, exhausted, giving my tired muscles a rest.

You wait a minute before removing your hand and neatly pulling my panties back into place–making me quiver ever so slightly. “You know, the Day of Atonement is just around the corner. I have a feeling you’ll be learning the true definition of repentance between now and then.” You give me a couple pats on my bottom as you rise from the bed to exit the room. Pleased, you see that my hair has begun to curl up into those unruly waves and kinks you so enjoy.

Lying there limp on the bed, from down the hall I hear, “Now straighten out your party dress, get yourself together, and don’t you even dare think about changing those panties.”

Yes, Daddi.

About Kiki DeLovely

Kiki DeLovely is a witchy, kinky, polyamorous, mixed, nonbinary femme who moonlights as an erotica writer when she’s not weaving magic through energetic healing and spiritual coaching. Their work has appeared in dozens of publications and they have toured both nationally and internationally, living and traveling all over the world before setting down roots on unceded Occaneechi-Saponi land. Kiki strives toward erotica that reads as fine literature and connects us with our highest selves.
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