Get it! Getting It!

gettingitHere’s an excerpt from my story, Taking the Toll, in the newly released Getting It: A Femdom Anthology edited by S.B. Roark and Sienna Saint-Cyr, published by SinCyr Publishing.

Normally I’m coming right now, thrashing about in the sheets, my body a creature of habit, after so many years it’s more than difficult to control. My lover staring down at me, grinning wickedly as she reads it all over my body—witnessing just how hard it is for me to stave off that orgasm. I’m her own personal open fuckin’ book and she’s enjoying the read just a little too much.

“Go put on your uniform.” Before I can even protest, drop to my knees, do anything to distract her (she’s getting to know me a little too well), she gives me that stern look that always makes me weak (obedient) and raises her eyebrows with the Am I really going to have to say it again? look and I’m up, heading towards the closet. Looking over her shoulder with a smirk she adds, “You remember your safeword, angelita?”

“Sí, claro. Red, yellow, green.”

“Good girl.” She eyes me one last time all I’m thinking is green, green, green.

Creative as hell when it comes to this stuff and quick as fuck, I can tell her mind has taken off into a full sprint as she leaves the room to collect whatever props she can find that will help bring the swiftly mounting fantasy in her head to life. She looked into my mind through my body’s divulgences, revealed my secret, and immediately ran with it. Didn’t even hesitate for a second. If she had, I would have feared judgment; instead I feel completely at ease, protected and cherished. Her presence and demeanor make this place safe for me. Of course she wants to go there with me. She gets it. She gets me.

Wondering just what she’ll come up with, I finish pulling off my red lacy thong (definitely not part of the uniform) and I’m about to switch it out with the white cotton panties when it hits me and I slide the more scandalous version back on. Sure, we’ve played around with the naughty school girl fantasy plenty but never before have we done any specifically catholic play, and I have a feeling this defiance might just bring it to another level.

This is my first time publishing with SinCyr and I’m especially excited about doing so because their values align beautifully with mine. Their tagline is “Shifting rape culture one sexy story at a time” and their mission statement is “To provide sex-positive, body-positive, and sexually empowered characters and content to readers of our erotic and romantic fiction. To educate on topics ranging from non-traditional relationships to BDSM, consent, healing trauma, and more, for readers of nonfiction.”

Wanna get Getting It? Buy it here! (Free for folks with Kindle Unlimited.)

In the past I’ve always been paid a flat fee for my stories and I’m happy to say (for those of you who have asked) that I’ll be receiving royalties for this anthology! I’m so very appreciative of you purchasing a copy because it will directly support me and my work!

About Kiki DeLovely

I’m a queer, kinky, poly, witchy, femme, erotica writer who has lived and performed all over the U.S., as well as internationally. I’ve toured with Body Heat: Femme Pour Tour and various gender-based performance troupes and am published in numerous books, newspapers, and magazines. My greatest passions include searching out secret spots in nature, Oxford commas, deep woo, doing research for my writing, and bringing queer, kinky, smart smut to the masses. I long for/strive toward erotica that reads as fine literature, makes us think, and helps us connect with our spiritual selves. she/her/ella
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