Blood in the Rain IV

1183115454Cecilia DuValle and Mary Trepanier have done it again just in time for Halloween! I’m pleased to announce that my story, “Fifty-Fifty,” will be included in Blood in the Rain 4!

They wanted to cringe while getting hot, so I delivered. And so you’ll notice that this story is pure fantasy–the usual rules of BDSM are out the window for added titillation/horror. So keep that in mind: pure fantasy. I was feeling inspired by The Hunger so you might also recognize nods to that vampire lesbian cult classic. Though I like to pride myself on my lesbian vamp being a bit more edgy. ;)


“Close your eyes. Now put the glass directly under your nose. Inhale deeply.” I did as instructed, I mean, how could I not? Her inflection was both dominating and sensual—a balance I find irresistible. But I’ll admit to peeking when I heard a clinking noise. My glimpse revealed her placing a long, shallow box filled with tiny glass vials on the table. “I can hear you blinking.”

Bossy and brusque. I kind of liked it. So I acquiesced and squeezed my eyelids shut again.

I felt her turn back towards me, moving closer. “What is this scent?”


“Now take the glass to your nose again. Two short sniffs, one long. Then sip.”

“Oh, wow! I can taste the cocoa!”

She repeated the process several times.


“Yes, scorched earth.”


“Star anise.”

“Berries…no, cherries.”




Then a new clinking noise. One I knew well. The distinct sound of metal on metal. And I could smell it long before it neared my nose. “Ohhhh…leather.” Unable to stifle my obvious arousal.

“Very good. So you are familiar with BDSM.” Her assumptive habit becoming more apparent as she slid her palm down the inside of my elbow. “Safe, sane, or consensual?”

“Ummmm…are you asking me to choose just one? Isn’t it supposed to be all of the above?” She cuffed one wrist, quickly followed by the other. “And I thought we had moved onto risk-aware consensual kink or personal responsabil—”

“Time is up. I choose for you. I will do my best to keep you safe. But do not count on me maintaining a sound state of mind.” Ale jerked my arms together behind my back, locking them in place with the restraints. “And you can forget about giving a green light. All I see is red. And in my world red means I take what I want.”

I won’t lie. It got me wet. It shouldn’t have. But it did.



About Kiki DeLovely

Kiki DeLovely is a witchy, kinky, polyamorous, mixed, nonbinary femme who moonlights as an erotica writer when she’s not weaving magic through energetic healing and spiritual coaching. Their work has appeared in dozens of publications and they have toured both nationally and internationally, living and traveling all over the world before setting down roots on unceded Occaneechi-Saponi land. Kiki strives toward erotica that reads as fine literature and connects us with our highest selves.
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